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  • Specialists in electronic casebooks
  • Send us documents in any format (including hardcopy); we will collate, paginate, index and produce electronic and print copies as required. .
  • We also have experience in setting up and running electronic courtrooms
  • Automated hyperlinking tools for hyperlinking of submissions and authorities
  • Case on appeal evidence cross-referencing
  • Fast & accurate turn around on electronic cases
  • Hard copy bundles produced flexibly with a fast turnover
  • Advice on putting together initial document collection for tailored discovery

  • Working with in-house IT teams to establish search protocols

  • Overseeing Rule compliance

  • Establishing the most appropriate technical platform for each discovery

  • Processing harvested documents into a database for review

  • Objective and subjective coding of documents

  • Preliminary relevance and privilege coding

  • Production of inspection sets of open documents

  • Post-inspection production of consolidated chronological discovery lists

  • Subjective review of documents on agreed criteria

  • Issue tagging

  • Preparation for witness briefing

  • Compilation of chronologies

  • Preparation of hyperlinked expert reports

  • General document wrangling

  • Our team is experienced in electronic courtroom set up. We can efficiently set up a streamlined electronic courtroom and provide technical support throughout a hearing

  • We have all of the monitors, splitters, adaptors, and cording necessary to run an electronic courtroom available for hire

       Contact us to inquire about set up and/or hireage

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Working alongside lawyers, Yallop & Co manage documents and information at all stages of the litigation process. We know the Rules and we have developed proven and Court-endorsed practices to comply in the most efficient manner. We understand the workflow pressure points and the importance of meeting deadlines. As well as this, we are thoroughly experienced in working with clients to compile, assimilate and analyse documents to add value to the legal services you provide.

Accustomed to the imperatives of Court timetables, we will work to them with you. After years of experience, we are familiar with the volume of material that often needs to be handled in proceedings and it does not scare us. We appreciate that those preparing for litigation don’t work from 9 to 5 and we expect that what you need may change from time to time. We know all of the processes that need to go on behind the scenes in order for you to put together your best case, and we can help.

Our years of experience have trained us to find the best practice for each task and we offer these services at sensible rates which are set according to the nature of the task undertaken, rather than the individual engaged.


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