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Yallop & Co has a flexible team, trained in the exacting standards of litigation and briefed on the imperative of confidentiality. Some have, or are in the process of obtaining qualifications in law. Some are masters of the scanning machine. Others are just helpful people with an eye for detail.





Sarah has worked in the legal industry since 1994.

She combines her understanding of litigation processes and requirements with her natural ability to work with technology and software. Prior to establishing Goodwin Yallop (now Yallop & Co) Sarah worked as litigation support manager at LeeSalmonLong for 8 years through the emergence of electronic discovery.


Sarah’s expertise is in determining the best platform and the most efficient process for each discovery and or document collation process. She develops practical and technical efficiencies to help litigators cope with the demands of document intensive cases.

In the past few years Sarah has specialised in developing and fine-tuning a process for the production of electronic casebooks and has produced document sets for teams of lawyers in multi-defendant criminal cases as well as in large commercial and institutional proceedings.

She has a background in writing, design and working with and adapting software. At university she studied literature and film and literary theory.                                                                                                            021 721 727


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